WeeklyIndie.com. Contract in full!!! They offer you no monetary compensation for your talent!

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I responded to an add on craigslist.com posted by WeeklyIndie.com that stated that if you were selected you would get PAID. However, there is no mention of even a possibility of monetary gain in this contract they sent me. This is Very recent.

These people are vultures. They make their living off of your talent and offer you nothing more than "Exposure" on their little radio show in return for it.

I email questions to Andrew Graham several times and only got generic replies with broad spectrum answers to question I didn't ask and no answers for questions I did ask! Finally, weeks later today I got a reply saying, well if you don't want free exposure thats your loss. Like I really have something to gain here and he didn't. Read on;

Weekly Indie ltd.

Music Distribution Agreement

Revised March 12, 2011



This LICENCE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is between Weekly Indie Ltd. (referred to as "Weekly Indie") and ***** (referred to as "Licensor").

A. This Agreement was presented on May 16, 2011.

B. Ensure you make your own copy of this Agreement and keep it for your records.

Artist / Band

Name: ****

Song Name

Name: ****


In this Agreement, some words or terms will have the following meaning throughout:

(a) "Agreement" or "Distribution Agreement" refers to the entire agreement including all of the Appendices;

(b) "Weekly Indie" may also be referred to as the Licensee;

(c) "The song" refers to the music, performed by the above listed artist, for which this distribution agreement is being granted.

(d) "Customer base" refers to consumers who have paid to be members of Weekly Indie during the term of this agreement.

(e) "The site" refers to Weekly Indie's website, www.weeklyindie.com and all sub-domains associated directly with weeklyindie.com (referred to as "Weekly Indie" for the remainder of this agreement).


(1) Promote the song. Weekly Indie will promote the song to its entire customer base, making the song available for download to active subscribers using the greatest reasonable use of their advertising, sales promotion and merchandising material.

(2) Distribute the song. Weekly Indie will make the song available to download to its entire customer base at the initial date of distribution.

(3) Promote the artist. Weekly Indie will represent the artist, song, and all related content on the site in a positive manner.


(1) Provide Content. The licensor will provide digital versions of the song, completed artist questionnaire and artist related photographs to Weekly Indie by emailing Andrew@weeklyindie.com.

(2) Promote Weekly Indie. The licensor shall represent Weekly Indie in a positive context only, including but not limited to all verbal, written, social media, and professional outlets when necessary, at all times.


The license and rights granted to the Licensee herein shall terminate on the earliest of:

A. 90 days after the song is first made available for download.

B. the occurrence of any of the following events, whichever date is earlier;

(i) Weekly Indie may terminate this agreement at any point prior to the commencement of distribution of the song by submitting written notice to the licensor.

(ii) The licensor can terminate this agreement at any point prior to the commencement of distribution of the song, to do this they must submit a written request to andrew@weeklyindie.com with 7 days notice.


(1) Rights included. This agreement includes the right to use Weekly Indie's trademarks and logos for the purpose of promoting the artist or song.

(2) Distribution Included. Weekly Indie will promote and distribute the song to its customer base for seven days starting on or before June 1, 2011. After this period, Weekly Indie will continue make the song available for download to the customer base which was actively subscribed at the initial time of distribution. Each customer will be able to download the song one time only, however, Weekly Indie reserves the right to permit an additional download if requested by the customer due to special circumstances.

(3) Distribution Excluded. Weekly Indie will not distribute the song to customers who sign up after that seven day period or customers that terminated their membership before that seven day period.

(4) Binding Effect and Assignment. This Agreement shall be binding upon and enure to the benefit of the parties hereto, and their respective heirs, successors, administrators and assigns, but the Licensor, may not assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of all or any part of its rights or obligations hereunder or any interest herein without the prior written consent of the Licensee.

(5) Severability. Each provision of this Agreement is intended to be severable. If any provision hereof is illegal, invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder hereof.

(6) Entire Agreement. This Agreement, including the Appendices attached hereto, embody the entire understanding between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and may not be amended, waived or discharged except by an instrument in writing executed by the parties hereto.

TO THE LICENSEE: I hereby confirm that I have carefully read this Agreement and I fully understand and agree to its terms.

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These people a vultures, feeding off your life blood (talent). They'll peck your for every scrap of meat and they only thing they ever give back is bird ***.


My experience and contract with these losers was different--my contract actually guaranteed both monetary compensation ($564 I believe) and distribution for a second song after six months or after they reached the first 20,000 subscribers, whichever came first. Well, it's been well over a year and after repeated emails (most of which went unanswered, save for one where the head honcho tried to tell me they hadn't reached their subscriber goal yet) I've not heard back from them or received my licensing money or a contract for another song.

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